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Hospice Volunteer

To be a volunteer in Hospice means that you will be supporting patients and families after they have determined that aggressive medical treatment is not their best choice. Kaweah Health Hospice provides care to people who have a terminal illness or disease and are no longer seeking a cure.

Hospice care is a team approach

When someone is on Hospice care, they are utilizing a much larger team for their care – a Hospice Physician, Nurse/Case Manager, Spiritual Support Counselor, Social Worker, Home Health Aide and Volunteers. Volunteers are able to help patients and their families in the following ways.

  • Companionship Volunteers sometimes simply sit quietly with a patient. Volunteers may interact with patients by reading stories, playing games, listening to music and reviewing photos.
  • Respite Care Volunteers may stay with patients while their caregiver runs errands, goes to medical appointments, shops, naps or simply takes a break from their usual responsibilities. These breaks allow caregivers to recharge so they can continue to care for their loved one.
  • Specialized Volunteers Some volunteers have skills that they are willing to share with patients including touch therapy, music therapy, cosmetology and videography.
  • Final Hours Companion There are times when no family can be present with someone as they are dying. Final Hours Companions will spend time with the person until family or someone known to the patient can be present.

Office Volunteers

Office volunteers help with a variety of needs. While computer skills are helpful, they are not required.

Special Event Volunteers

Hospice hosts special events for our families throughout the year with the help of volunteers. Whether by helping at an event or by assisting with mailings, our volunteers help make things happen.

Training and Support

Hospice Volunteers receive at least 12 hours of training prior to being placed with a patient. In addition all volunteers are required to attend quarterly "in-service training" sessions where current issues related to volunteering in hospice are reviewed.

To be a Hospice Patient Volunteer you must:

  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Complete the application link below and an interview
  • Complete additional application packet which includes
    • 1 Letter of Reference
    • Complete the Health Screenings

To be a Hospice Office Volunteer you must:

  • Be at least 16 years old
  • Complete additional application packet which includes
    • Parent/Guardian Consent (as appropriate)
    • 1 Letter of Reference
    • Complete the Health Screenings

To share your interest, please click HERE to complete the volunteer application.

For more information or questions, please email us at